Article 1: Formation
A private organization with viable share capital and subject to the provisions of Law No 99/014 of 22 December 1999 relating to Non-Governmental Organizations and subsequent enactments, has been set up to replace the North West Beefarmers Association (NOWEBA) which was registered in 1993 in accordance with Law No 90/053 of 19 December 1990. The primary purpose is to liberate NOWEBA from the purchase and sales of honey which are now to be handled by another new organization called North West Beefarmers Honey Co-operative to be registered according to Law No 92/006 of 14 August 1992 relating to co-operative societies and Common Initiative Groups and its Decree of application No 92/455/PM of 23 November 1992.

Article 2: Name, Head Office and Area of Jurisdiction.
2.1: The organization shall be known as the Apiculture and Nature Conservation Organization and shall be abbreviated ANCO.
2.2: The head office of ANCO shall be in Bamenda. It address shall be P.O. Box 5150, Bamenda, North West Province, Cameroon.
2.3: Its area of jurisdiction shall cover the national territory of Cameroon.

Article 3: Mission and Motto:
3.1: The mission of ANCO shall be: Pro-poor biodiversity conservation.
3.2: ANCO's motto shall be: Plant a tree and save a bee.

Article 4: Objectives of ANCO
The principal objectives of ANCO shall be:
4.1: Fight against rural poverty in Cameroon through the promotion of income generating activities linked to biodiversity conservation e.g. beefarming, cane rate rearing, market gardening etc.
4.2: Promote sustainable farming systems such as agroforestry, improved fallow, night paddock manure system, contour farming etc.
4.3: Assist communities to conserve their forests and watersheds or plant forest plantations for climate moderation or fuel wood.
4.4: Promote research in apiculture and in various aspects of biodiversity conservation.

Article 5: Membership.
5.1: Cameroonians of both sexes who have expertise or interest in either apiculture or nature conservation may apply to be a member.
5.2: All applications for registration for members shall be disposed of at the level of the Management Board which shall be duty bound to present the list of new members registered to the subsequent General Meeting of the organization which may confirm, modify or wholly reject the said list.
5.3: Persons accepted as members shall be obliged to openly pledge adherence to these articles of the constitution. The pledge shall be made during the Annual General Assembly of the organization.
5.4: Persons whose applications are rejected shall be informed in writing and they may reapply when the conditions for which their applications were rejected are fulfilled.
5.5: Membership may terminate under these circumstances:
5.5.1: Ceasing to qualify for membership.
5.5.2: Withdrawal of membership.
5.5.3: Death or expulsion by the Management Board (MB) and subsequently approval by the General Assembly at its subsequent meeting. Whenever the MB fails to present an expulsion report on a member at a subsequent GA of ANCO, the expulsion as from the date of the meeting shall be null and void.
5.5.4: On termination of membership, the affected person shall place his / her shares at the disposal of the MB for sale. All other money and goods due him / her shall be paid less any outstanding debts that he/she may be owing the ANCO.

Article 6: Sources of Funds.
The organization shall derive its funds from the following sources:
6.1: Registration fee of 5,000 frs CFA per member.
6.2: Shares of one hundred thousand (100,000) francs CFA. Shares may be paid in installments of 50,000frs within a period of twelve (12) calendar months. A member's liability for the debts of ANCO at liquidation shall extend to, but not exceed the value of his / her shares at the time of liquidation. Each member may not own less than three shares and not mere than ten (10) shares.
6.3: Interest on deposits.
6.4: Subventions / grants.
6.5: Loans from financial institutions.

Article 7: Organs of ANCO.
7.1: The General Assembly (GA) shall comprise all the registered members who own shares. Registered members who do not own shares in ANCO may be invited to the GA but such members shall neither vote nor be voted for.
7.1.2: The GA shall meet once a year at the invitation of the President in consultation with the Secretary. Extra-ordinary meetings may be convened for a specific purpose during which other issues shall not be raised.
7.1.3: The GA shall have the following duties: - To examine and approve both the annual progress report and the annual plan of action prepared by the MB in collaboration with the technical staff of ANCO. The action plan shall be presented to the GA by the President of ANCO. - To examine and approve the budget prepared and submitted to it by the MB with the technical assistance of the staff of ANCO. The draft budget shall be presented to the GA by the President of ANCO.
7.1.4: The GA shall elect all officials of the organization by means of show of hands. Each candidate shall be proposed and seconded and if he / she accepts to contest for the post, shall then be accepted by the GA as a candidate.
7.1.5: It shall also be the duty of the GA to elect members of the MB after scrutinizing their financial standing with the organization thoroughly, and if anyone is found not to be up to date with his / her financial obligations shall be disqualified from contesting.
7.2: The Management Board which shall comprise seven (7) elected members of the GA, at least 3 of them shall be women.
7.2.1: The MB shall meet at least once every three (3) months or as often as the need arises at the call of the President or four (4) its members.
7.2.2: The duties of the MB shall comprise:
- Ensure compliance with the provisions of the constitution.
- Implement all decisions of the GA as well as recommendations contained in the audit report.
- Keep or cause to be kept accurate accounts and a correct statement of assets and liabilities of the organization.
- Enter into contracts on behalf of the organization.
- Prepare and present annual progress report, plan of action and budget for the following year.
- Choose a bank for the organization and open an account therein.
- Solicit technical / financial assistance for carrying out her specific projects.
- Ensure that grants obtained for specific projects are utilized for the purpose in accordance with the project proposal.
- Ensure that the objectives of ANCO are pursed.

7.3: The other organ shall be the Management Staff which shall consist of employed technicians under the headship of a coordinator. The management staff shall work under the direction of the MB which shall reserve the power to sanction them either severally or collectively. Any sanctioned worker shall have the right to appeal to the GA whose decision shall be final.

Article 8: The Attributions of the Coordinator.
8.1: He / she shall have the responsibility to co-ordinate, supervise and manage the activities of the technical and other staff of
the organization.
8.2: He / she receive instructions, orders and directives from the MB. These orders, instructions and directives shall be written and signed either by the President or the Secretary.
8.3: The coordinator must be a technician of either apiculture or nature conservation.
8.4: The coordinator shall be assisted by an assistant coordinator who must be a technician either in apiculture or in nature conservation but he / she and the coordinator shall not be technicians of the same field.
8.5: The coordinator shall control the finances of the organization and ensure that all expenditures confirm to the instructions and directives of the MB. He / she shall co-sign cheques of ANCO.

Article 9: The Attributions of the Book Keeper of ANCO.
9.1: The organization shall recruit a competent bookkeeper whose duties shall include the keeping of financial records of the organization, the compilation of quarterly financial reports, and the carrying out of expenditure under the control of the coordinator.
9.2: He / she and the coordinator shall jointly or severally be held accountable for all unauthorized expenditures.
9.3: The ANCO bookkeeper shall be engaged by the MB through competitive means.
9.4: All quarterly financial reports shall be made available to the coordinator within a time limit to be set by the MB.

Article 10: The Auditor.
10.1: An authorized auditor or an organization legally authorized to provide such a service, shall be hired to audit the accounts of ANCO for the past financial year within the first four months of the following financial year. The audited accounts shall be available to all members of the organization.
10.2: At any time, the MB or the GA may cause the hiring of an auditor to carry out a specific audit for specific purpose(s).
10.3: When an audit report is formally accepted by the MB it shall become a legal document of the organization. Such an acceptance shall be in the form of a motion, supported and passed by a two-third majority of its members.

Article 11: Officials of ANCO and their Attributes.
11.1: The President
11.1.1: The President shall be elected by the GA from among members of ANCO for a term of three years renewable.
11.1.2: He / she shall preside over both GA and MB meetings which shall be convened by him / her or by four (4) members of the MB in case of MB meetings or by half the membership of the organization in case of the General Assembly.
11.1.3: The President shall ensure the probity of financial management of ANCO and shall also be held responsible for any mismanagement.
11.1.4: He / she be a co-signer of the ANCO cheques for withdrawals from the organization's bank account.
11.1.5: He / she legalize all minutes of the meetings of either the MB or the GA by his / her signature after the minutes have been adopted by the MB or the GA, whichever is the case.
11.1.6: The president shall represent ANCO at public manifestations or other gatherings which are not for technical studies or workshops or seminars. The selection of the appropriate person to attend technical meetings, workshops or seminars shall be the responsibility of the coordinator or assistant coordinator if the former is unable to do so for whatever reason.
11.2: The Secretary.
11.2.1: He / she shall ensure that the proceedings of the meetings of the MB and the GA are properly and efficiently recorded. His / her post like that of the President shall carry no salary but a sitting allowance may be paid to members of the MB to cover transport and other expenses incurred to attend meetings of the Board.
11.2.2: The post of secretary shall be elective for a period of three (3) years renewable.
11.2.3: Whenever the need arises, the MB may create the post of an assistant secretary and determine his / her other specific functions apart form those of assisting the secretary.
11.2.4: The secretary shall receive his / her directives from either the President or the MB.
11.3: The Information Officer.
11.3.1: His / her duty shall pertain to the gathering and releasing of information on the state of the art in apiculture and nature conservation from various sources: print media, radio, TV, Internet etc.
11.3.2: He /she shall be responsible for stocking the resource center of ANCO with suitable literature for the exploitation by members and the interested public.
11.3.3: He / she shall be responsible for publications to be undertaken by ANCO.
11.3.4: Affiliations to networking with and membership in organizations shall be part of the duties of the Information Officer.
11.4: The Treasurer.
11.4.1: The treasure of ANCO shall also be the financial secretary of the organization.
11.4.2: His / her duties shall be limited to the collection of shares and other contributions from members for specific purposes to be expended outside the normal budget of the organization such as contributions towards the death of a member, socials etc.
11.4.3: Notwithstanding, the expenditure shall be strictly controlled by the MB and the auditor hired to audit the ANCO accounts may also be directed to audit this out of budget account if members of the MB see the need for such an audit.
11.4.4: As with the other officials, the treasurer/financial secretary shall be elected for a term of three years renewable.
11.5: The GA is empowered to create new posts and elect officials to them as the need arises and in conformity with the budget strength of the organization. It may also after a formal debate, reduce the number of employed officials of ANCO.

Article 12: Merging/Splitting and Dissolutions.
12.1: Any decision to merge or split shall be in conformity with the provisions of Articles 26-36 of Decree No 92/455PM of 23/11/92.
12.2: Any decision to dissolve must comply with the provisions of sections 21-25 of Law No 99/014 of 22/12/99 relating to Non-Governmental Organizations.

Article 13: Adoption.
13.1: These articles of the ANCO constitution were deliberated upon and subsequently approved on June 30, 2001 by the General Assembly of ANCO.
13.2: Every three years, they may be revised if the BoD so recommend.

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